Happy Easter

Brianna Loftin - Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wishing you a wonderful Easter Holiday!

What's New in Act! v20.1 - The Latest Release from Swiftpage

Brianna Loftin - Monday, March 19, 2018

Check out the latest release from Swiftpage Act! v20.1 Here

Heres what's included:

Unlock the full potential of Act! using Custom Tables Manager in the new Act! Premium Plus.
Extend your connected workspace via next generation Outlook integration for Act!.
Work with newly supported popular Microsoft platforms Office 365 and Exchange.
Strengthen business insights and improve sales mobility with enhancements to Act! Insight and Act! Companion.
Get the help you need with flexible new options for customer support. 

For more information send an email or give us a call (866)710-4228.

Stephen Hawking - Fortress of Solitude

Brianna Loftin - Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Growing up, Stephen Hawking was always a source of comfort to me. Knowing that his brilliant mind was surpassing all odds to discover the unknown, always gave me hope whenever I felt as though the world was falling apart. I would say to myself, "at least Stephen Hawking is still alive." Now he's gone but I'd like to imagine that his consciousness still exists, much like Superman's fathers' through the Fortress of Solitude. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

Developing a Company-Wide CRM Strategy - Act! Webinar Series

Brianna Loftin - Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Click on the titles below to Register for the following Webinars:

Developing a Company-Wide Strategy around Act!
Thursday, March 22nd @10am CST 

Turning the Ship – Getting Your Entire Company to Participate in Your Act! CRM Strategy  
Thursday, April 5th @10am CST 

Crawl – Walk – Run – Gaining Momentum in your Act! CRM Strategy 
Tuesday, May 15th @10am CST 

We hope to see you there! Please give us a call at (866)710-4228 or send an email if you have any questions.

Speed Dating with Act! CRM - 10 Tips in One Hour: Live Webinar

Brianna Loftin - Friday, January 19, 2018

Speed Dating with Act! - Thursday, January 25th @ 2 pm CST (Register Here

Brush up on some great tips to get your Act! streamlined for everyday use. Included will be 10 tips on using ACT efficiently and effectively every day. Some of the topics to be covered include; Notes and Histories, Lookups and Groups, Activities and Calendar, & more.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

About your Webinar Host: Jon Klubnik is a former NASA engineer who started Tandem CloudTop in early 2000 after spending 8 years supporting 38 space shuttle flights. He graduated from Texas A&M in Aerospace Engineering and has a  Masters degrees in Christian Education and Business Administration (MBA).

If you are interested in Act! CRM, training, Virtual Desktop Hosting or just want to ask a question please call (866)710-4228, or send us an email.  

Start a New Ticket - How to Get Support from Tandem CloudTop

Brianna Loftin - Friday, January 12, 2018


GO TO - and click on "Start a New Ticket" or start messaging with us in real-time by clicking the orange bubble in the lower right-hand corner. You can also send an email to

We use a support portal to track support issues and help you more efficiently. This allows you to receive a tracking number and allows us to do research before taking up your time. You can log in for a more expedited entry and view all of your tickets. 


  1. First, gather all your details, we need to know how to recreate the error or issue in order to fix the problem.  
  2. Please describe the issue in the subject (ex: having difficulty connecting to Citrix after purchasing a new computer).
Here are some questions that can help diagnose the issue:
What happens when you try?
Any error messages?  
Has anything changed since the last time you tried?
Is this happening to anyone else in your group?

  • Here are the first things we usually do, so if you have already tried them, it will speed up your resolution of the problem.

Please try logging off of the Citrix Environment (Start, Logoff). Then Log back on and restart any Citrix based programs you were using.

Does rebooting your computer fix the problem?


You will receive a ticket number back via email along with login credentials to the support site. You can view all of your open Support Tickets.

We will research and try to address any items behind the scenes before we call or respond. We try to have a real live person take a quick look at your item within 30 minutes or less. Based on the impact on your business and what is involved, we will take appropriate action or schedule the ticket for more work.


Level 1 support is included with your hosting. This includes questions that can be answered via email plus error or connection issues. It does not include Consulting or Individual training. We may need to limit the time spent on a particular incident.

Sometimes support items are billable. However, we will not do billable work without letting you know before we start.

Merry Christmas 2017

Brianna Loftin - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tandem CloudTop!

How Do I Find My QB Company File? - QuickBooks Hosting

Brianna Loftin - Thursday, October 26, 2017

We have had a few people ask how to find their QB company file recently. Here are some simple steps to find that elusive company file:

Locating Via C:\ Drive:

1. Click “Start,” “Control Panel” and “Appearance and Personalization.” Click “Folder Options” and then click the “View” tab. Click “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” under the Advanced settings heading. Click “OK” to view hidden files on your computer.

2. Click “Start,” “Computer” and double-click the “C:\” icon. Double-click the “Users” folder. Double-click “Public” and then “Documents.”

3. Double-click the “Intuit” folder and then the “QuickBooks” folder. Double-click the “Company Files” folder. Locate the file containing the “.qbw” extension – only one file exists with this extension.

4. Right-click the “.qbw” file and select the option you want from the sub-menu, if desired. Or write down the directory path on a piece of paper for future reference.

5. Repeat Step 1, but click “Don't show hidden files, folders, and drives” under the Advanced settings heading. Click “OK” to accept the changes.

Locating Via QuickBooks:

1. Double-click the QuickBooks icon your computer's Desktop or click “Start,” “All Programs” and the “QuickBooks” folder. Double-click the “QuickBooks” icon in the folder.

2. Double-click the name of your company's file on the QuickBooks startup screen. Press and hold the “Ctrl” key and press “1.” The Product Information window launches.

3. Look in the “File Information” section for the directory path containing your QuickBooks “.qbw” file. Write down the directory path on a piece of paper for future reference. Close QuickBooks.

Locating Via Windows Search:

1. Click “Start,” “Control Panel” and “Appearance and Personalization.” Click “Folder Options” and then click the on “View” tab. Click “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” under the Advanced settings heading. Click “OK” to view hidden files on your computer.

2. Click “Start” and enter “*.qbw” or "ext:qbw" in the “Search programs and files” box. The search results appear immediately in the search results box.

3. Right-click the “*.qbw” file and select the option you want from the sub-menu, if desired. Or write down the directory path for future reference.

4. Repeat Step 1, but click “Don't show hidden files, folders, and drives” under the Advanced settings heading. Click “OK” to accept the changes.

If you are our current customer, please submit a ticket for further support. If you would like to have your QuickBooks Hosted and simultaneously receive stellar support for instances such as this, please send an email or call (866)710-4228.

Thank you for your Support During Hurricane Harvey

Brianna Loftin - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Thank you for your patience while our staff in Sugar Land dealt with the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Our office remained dry, and of course the servers in Dallas, were well out of harms way.

The aftermath of Harvey is blatant in many areas in and around Houston. Everyone knows someone or has a family member that was directly impacted by the torrential downpours or tornadoes. People have started tearing out sheet-rock and attempting to rebuild. Our owner, Jon Klubnik helped a community police officer, who recently had a baby, with demolishing and clearing out the parts of his house that were affected. Many hearts are broken, but everyone is trying to put their best foot forward.

Now Irma is hurtling towards Florida and Puerto Rico. Our thoughts are with everyone in the area, and we will help in any way we can, just as many Floridians came to the rescue of Houston.

A huge thank you to all of our clients that checked in on us, donated to Hurricane Relief, and kept us in their prayers, you made a horrible situation that much better. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, from everyone at Tandem CloudTop.

8 Ways to Manage Stress - There's Always Sheetcaking

Brianna Loftin - Friday, August 18, 2017

Whether you are stressed out from your personal life, business or outside factors, stressors can have a dire affect on your health. Here are 8 ways to manage your stress: 

Excercise - Hate running on a treadmill? Don't! Simply take your dog on a walk, go hiking in the woods, ride a bike, go rock climbing, jumping jacks, burpees, swim, play sports; including ping pong, or make up your own game that suits your situation (there is always trash can basketball), and dont forget planking. Whatever you choose, keep it fun and interesting.

Make a Checklist - You will be surprised how many things you actually get done every day, when you can finally check them off of a list. Lists hardly take any time to write, and they can clear your head for other thoughts (like a bubbling brook). Remember your Alexa can even help you with lists, if you don't have time to grab a pen and paper.

Use your Vacation Days - Many Americans don't utilize their vacation days. Remember, you will actually be more productive, when your body has had time to recuperate. You dont have to actually plan a vacation to take a day off. When you finally take the time off, check some stuff off of your to do list, and then find a way to relax in your own way.

Meditate - If this isn't your kind of thing, remember meditation is solely about focusing on where you are in the present moment. You don't have to sit in full lotus, or chant. Instead, try fishing, doing the dishes, walking, etc. but don't think about anything else, solely what you are currently doing. You dont even have to set aside time to practice, just do it wherever you are, and when you find your mind wandering, kindly bring it back to your present state.

Play Music - I used to play melancholy music when I was feeling a little blue, but then a good song would come on, and I would be rocking out before I even remembered that I was supposed to be sad.

A Fermented Beverage - I do not condone the use of drugs, but once in a while, a glass of whine or beer can certainly elevate your mood. Don't overdo it or you will have the opposite effect.

Keep A Sense of Humor - a friend of mine was having a difficult time balancing her life between her spouse and children. They found that pantsing each other (at home) brought comedy back into their relationship and elevated everyones mood. Consider the other person's feelings before implementing, as this could have a negative impact on many people. In certain situations anotther approach may be more desireable.

Sheetcaking - When all else fail, remember there is always sheetcaking

No matter where you are or what you have achieved, you still have to eat, sleep and pay taxes, so you might as well enjoy yourself in every situation.

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