• ACT! Database HostingPut your Act! in the cloud

    Getting to your Act! data when you need it is vital.  Putting your Act! in the cloud gives you the access you need to take your productivity to the next level.  Our Act! Certified Consultant support team not only has the technical expertise to host your Act!, they also offer Act! user support that most hosting providers can’t.

    Act! Hosting Options
  • Quickbooks Hostingfull feature Quickbooks accessible from anywhere

    Our Virtual Desktop Quickbooks hosted solution is more powerful than Quickbooks Online with the full functionality of the full Quickbooks desktop application. 

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  • Quotewerks HostingReal Time All the time

    QuoteWerks in the cloud allows you to work with real time data from any location that has internet access.  There is no need for synchronization when you have your QuoteWerks hosted in the cloud.  With CloudTop Office's virtual desktop hosted solution you can take your productivity to the next level! 

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  • Virtual Desktop HostingGet to your data on any device with a single log in...

    •    Work with anyone on your team from anywhere
    •    Little or no capital investment
    •    Eliminate workstation upgrades
    •    No servers needed
    •    Your desktop goes where you do

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  • Act! Hosting

    Maintaining a competitive edge requires you to work smarter to accomplish more. Designed with extensive user input, Act! CRM delivers new functionality and enhancements that help you maximize your time, prioritize intelligently, and be informed and prepared to market and sell.

    Act! Hosting

    Act! Hosting

    Streamlined Company Management, New Calculated Fields, New History View, Mobile Enhancements, Usability Upgrades, System Enhancements & More! Find out about all the newest Act! features from our Act! Hosting area. 

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  • How Can We Help You?

    We have a variety of support plans for a predictable IT budget. Our client's have unlimited 24/7 access to our online support portal and remote support help desk. Use the links to your right to submit us a ticket, ask questions, search the knowledge base or even send us a file.

    Main Support Portal

    Support Links

    Tandem ACT Help Desk - If you are one of our customers , you can get to our help-desk here to submit a trouble ticket or browse our knowledge base.

    Remote Support Portal - Our Support portal will allow to work on your computer. Please use this link after we have issued you a code.

    Send us a File - If you need so send us a database for other file, you may use this link . Be sure to include your administrative password and user name.

    Support Hotline - Our phone number if you need help (billable calls) is (866) 710 4228.

Cloud Hosting Services

CloudTop Office provides ACT! Hosting, Quotewerks Hosting, Quickbooks Hosting and more. Check out our cloud hosting solutions for small to medium sized business owners.