What is virtual hosting or cloud computing?

Cloud computing represents a paradigm shift from the typical client server or pc based hosting of data and applications. Each of these platforms was limited to a particular machine and usually to a particular geographic location. If your computer crashed or you were outside of the office, it was difficult to access that data. Cloud computing is a metaphor for the internet. Typical cloud computing providers deliver common business applications online that are accessed by a web service or web browser while the software and data themselves are stored on a series of servers in a commercial datacenter.

Tandem CloudTop Office Cloud Computing Solution 

Our cloud computing solution is multi faceted and consists of our datacenter, our servers, our technical team and our support team.


Our datacenter is located just outside downtown Dallas. We chose this location because of its security and its location away from the coast and its close proximately to key internet backbone trunks. It is highly rated and independently audited to verify compliance with government and industry standards We have a reliable safe guard in the event of natural disasters. The collocation site has certified technicians on site 24x7x365.

Our servers are highly reliable Dell Blade servers running Vmware and offering fully redundant and high uptime performance. The servers themselves are fully redundant and hot‐swappable. The sever images are backed up nightly, and the client date itself is also backed up separately every day. We have a dedicated and raided six terabyte backup device that is also fully redundant. We have secondary server hardware on standby on site. We also have support agreements with all manufacturers in the event of a hardware failure.

Our technical staff is responsible for the health and maintenance of our servers. They are certified by Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare and have over 20 years of experience. We have multiple sources of technical support at our disposal.

Our support staff are all fully employed by Tandem and come from a variety of disciplines. We are technically trained but pride ourselves on our people skills. We have staff with Business Degrees, MBA’s and engineering degrees. Our average employee has 2.5 college degrees and over 10 years of industry experience. We have a full time support available through our Level 1 help desk operation to answer questions.

CloudTop Office provides Quickbooks Hosting, Act! Hosting, Quotewerks Hosting and more. Check out our cloud hosting solutions for small to medium sized business owners.