Quoting In Act!

Do you need a better quoting solution in ACT!?

Like a lot of the people we work with, prior to using QuoteWerks, we created quotes in Word or Excel or just typed up an email. Later when Act! created a “quoting module” we gave that a try. Here is what we learned.

Word – either we had to boilerplate the whole thing or we spent a lot of time typing it up. Word doesn’t do math calculations well and there is no database to store past quotes against. At best you go through folders of old quotes trying to find the one you need or you just recreate it the next time you need a similar one. If you have a large team or want to run reports on your won-lost ratios, it is next to impossible. Time for most quotes was 1-2 hours at least.

Excel – Great for simpler quotes, still no database for referencing or sharing from past quotes. If you are trying to find an old quote, you spend a lot of time looking. If your quote changes significantly, it requires a fairly high skill set to modify or create an excel template. There’s a lot more time spent making a quote template than selling.
ACT Quote Generator – Very basic, and rather difficult to modify. No quote numbering, but ok for very simple quotes. No bundling, and almost no customization of the quote template is possible.

QuoteWerks with ACT!

QuoteWerks is a multi industry solution that bridges the gap between traditional spreadsheet/word processor quoting solutions, and high-end custom and accounting software based solutions.  

If you create quotes or orders that have line items and you would like the ability to track your cost, profit, customer price and past quotes, etc., then QuoteWerks could be a great solution for you.

With an Act!-QuoteWerks integration, you can leverage your existing customers and prospects from your Act! database.  QuoteWerks has feature-rich functionality, offering flexible customization options along with easily obtainable quote history tracking.

When you integrate QuoteWerks with Act!, it creates Act! toolbar buttons, pulls Act! contact information into the quote, pulls Act! user defined Ship To contact information into the quote, lets you search the Act! database for a contact to use in the quote, pulls other Act! contact information into the quote, can print information pulled from other Act! fields, logs e-mails sent from QuoteWerks in your Act! history, can pull lookup list information from Act!, creates/updates completed Sales Opportunities in Act! and other additional integration features with Act!.

Using QuoteWerks with your Act! hosted solution is a great way streamline your sales process and take your productivity to the next level!

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