Mobile solutions for act!

Staying Connected

Handheld Contact

More and more people are taking to the road and need to take their contacts with them. While there are several handheld solutions that work with Act!, each has its own specific niche. We use Handheld Contact internally, and have had good success with the product.

Strengths of Handheld Contact include:

  • Server Side setup. Nothing to load on your computer
  • Extremely Robust. We have not had the issues with duplicates or incomplete data sets that seem to be prevalent with some other solutions.
  • Currently works with iPad, iPhone, Windows based phones, Blackberry devices and Android devices.
  • Within our hosted solutions, Handheld Contact is easy to setup and easy to maintain.

When you’re out of the office, changes made to your database by anyone on your team quickly make their way to your mobile device without having to take out your laptop or initiate synchronization.

Act! Premium Mobile

With Act! Premium Mobile you can stay connected to your business by accessing your Act! Premium contact, calendar, and opportunity details from your iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM device.   Act! Premium Mobile is included with your upgrade to Act! Premium!

Key Features of ACT! Premium Mobile

  • Bring key elements of the desktop experience to your mobile device
  • Create, view and edit groups in Act! Premium Mobile
  • Take individual or global actions from within groups such as sending emails
  • View companies and a consolidated history of activities for all contacts
  • Automatically link new and existing contacts to company records
  • Scroll through, select and view records in a new split-screen tablet view

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