We offer a growing list of solutions for various industries. 

Some examples include:

    Financial Advisers
    Medical – Physician Liaisons
    Mortgage Professionals
    Property Management

We are also able to to create a solution specific to you or your industry.

If you are an ACT! User, or a Quickbooks User, you know that the mobile solutions for both of these products are at best “lite” versions of the Full Desktop Product.  Our Virtual Desktop allows you to use the Full Desktop versions of ACT, Quickbooks, Quotewerks and Microsoft office integrated together in a cloud environment.  It is a  must for remote workers and remote branches.

If you require an add in to take your ACT! database to the next level, the virtual desktop is the only solution. This is because the ACT! for Web solution does not allow the integration of add in software  or Plugins.

We are currently supporting many ACT! Add In options including

    Address Grabber
    Resume Grabber
    Durkin Tool Kit
    TopLine Dash
    Software for Advisors
    Stonefield Query
    Crystal Clear Reporting
    Also, anything from DesignR1 and Hogan Data

CloudTop Office provides Quickbooks Hosting, Act! Hosting, Quotewerks Hosting and more. Check out our cloud hosting solutions for small to medium sized business owners.