Quickbooks Hosting

We host Quickbooks with our Citrix Hosting platform for an “everything in the cloud experience"

Citrix Hosted QuickBooks gives users full QuickBooks functionality and provides the best way to access QuickBooks remotely.  Citrix is a virtual desktop, where users are able to access and use full featured QuickBooks as well as any additional shared hosted data, by logging into our servers via the internet.  Your Quickbooks and any additional hosted applications and data are stored in one central location on our secure servers.  

With QuickBooks Hosting over Citrix there are no programs to load on your machine or to maintain, just a small Citrix internet plug-in. Once a username and password is created and authenticated the user is directed to a real-time, full desktop with the full version of QuickBooks.  From your perspective, QuickBooks shows up on the system just like any other program.

With the Citrix platform, QuickBooks can work with any internet connected device.  Our Citrix platform works on Windows PC, Mac, iPad and most tablets.  Our Citrix Client allows you to print locally, save locally, and access the full version of QuickBooks from almost any device under almost any connection speed.  Our Citrix platform can even work on old machines and slow machines.  You can share information with your team no matter where they work.  Anywhere access means anyone on your team from any location can access the data they need.  There is no need to send files back and forth.  All of your team members can work with real time data, all the time, at the same time.

With this solution, there is no software to maintain and workstation upgrades are not necessary, since QuickBooks is fully in the cloud and not installed on your device.  We handle all software upgrades and maintenance.  This saves you time and money!

QuickBooks Online verses true QuickBooks Hosting

Intuit offers a website based version of QuickBooks called QuickBooks Online. This Intuit website QuickBooks version is great for startups and businesses with very basic accounting needs. Research shows there are weaknesses with this version in the following areas: performance, features set comparable to desktop versions and integration QuickBooks Add-On Software and linkage to other applications (Outlook, Excel). This version is not compatible with other versions of QuickBooks (Pro and Enterprise). Also, if a user needs a copy of their QuickBooks data for an accountant a local use of QuickBooks data, this version does not support backing up online data and restoring it at a local site.

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