ACT! Synchronization Hosting

Sync is the BEst solution for offline access 

Synchronization within Act! allows users to take an offline copy of their Act! Database with them. It also allows full integration with outlook on their local computer. Sync is a good solution if "real time" access to data is not available. 

Benefits of Sync

  • Gives you a local copy of your database.
  • Great for those who travel (or fly) without a good internet connection.
  • Full Integration with other programs on your computer.
  • Most Act! add ons work in this environment.

Challenges associated with a sync environment

  • Difficult to change devices – Requires a reinstall of the Act! program and a new remote databases if you want to change computers
  • Changes are not seen “Real Time.”  You are only as up to date as the last time everyone synchronized.
  • Additional responsibility on the user.  Although we have found sync to be reliable, it is the responsibility of the user to verify sync and complete the sync process.
  • Security Concerns – because the data resides on the laptop, if the laptop is stolen, there is a chance the data could be compromised.
  • Database Field Changes and administrative tasks still need to be done on the server master database.
  • More costly to maintain – Act! must be installed and maintained on each users workstation.

Having the Sync option along with Citrix and ACT for Web option is what differentiates CloudTop Office from other hosting providers. You can mix and match three different hosting methods of accessing your data. Contact us for more information.


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