Virtual Desktop ACT! Hosting through Citrix

After several years of hosting Act! for Web, we became increasingly aware that there were some limitations in the product especially for “power users”. Our virtual desktop application hosting allows you to have the full version of ACT, Microsoft Office, Quotewerks, Quickbooks and other applications in the cloud and accessible from almost any device.

Single Login – Many devices

Hosted Virtual Desktops may be accessed from the LAN or WAN, and available from desktops, laptops, Macs, netbooks, thin clients, iPads, iPhones, BlackBerrys and other mobile devices.

Benefits of the Citrix Thin Client

Our Citrix Client allows you to print locally, save locally, and access the full version of Act! from almost any device under almost any connection speed.  Our Citrix platform can even work on old machines and slow machines.

In addition to greater stability, the full Act! desktop client has additional features not present in the Web version including the ability to customize the Act! database, add and remove fields, customize and create reports, create and design activity series and use the Swift Page e-marketing tool.

All of your data in Act! is in real time all the time.  No need for daily synchronizations.  Your team will have all of the most up-to-date information all of the time.

With this solution, there is no software to maintain and workstation upgrades are not necessary, since Act! is fully in the cloud and not installed on your device.  We handle all software upgrades and maintenance.  This saves you time and money!

An internet connection is required to access your Act! database with our Citrix solution.  If you must have a solution that allows for offline access, our Act! Sync hosted solution may be a better option for you.

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