VIRTUAL desktop hosting

let's talk if the following are true for you.

You have a geographically dispersed team. Getting to all of your data remotely can be a challenge.  Having it centrally located and managed increases up time and decreases cost.

You have an outsourced IT Department. Because we are specialized in in many applications, you can get the technical aspects of what we do along with the training aspects from a single source. Our skill set goes far beyond that of the local “computer guy”.  

Your application is not supported in your organization.  If your IT department is either unwilling or unable to support a needed software solution in your organization, we can help.  Because our staff has been extensively trained in many applications in many types of environments, it is usually more cost effective to have Tandem manage and host your database or application.

You need a virtual office that your employees can access from anywhere. Our Citrix based solution allows you to “turn” on an employee almost immediately. There is almost nothing to load on their workstation, no domain to add or configure and no servers for you to maintain. We are great for growing and mobile work forces.   

You need the ability to work from a variety of devices.  Our Citrix based solution provides access to your selected applications from nearly any device via an internet connection. This hosting option gives you the ability to work from a Mac, PC, iPad, Tablet and more – it works on almost any internet enabled device.  Virtual Desktop Hosting allows your hosted applications to be device agnostic.

Your mobile team needs offline access to a database, hosted in a central location where synchronization is available.  

You want a predictable budget with little to no surprises.  Owning and maintaining a local server can be quite costly.  Hosting your applications on our cloud based solution reduces the amount of time and money it takes to do it on your own.  

Support by Certified Software Experts:  We run our business in Act! CRM, Quotewerks, Quickbooks and with Microsoft Office. We also have years of experience helping businesses be more productive using these tools. You will find our support team is able to take you further with these key packages than anyone!

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