How It Works

An overview of Virtual Desktop Hosting

Our virtual desktop travels with you to any internet connected device. You can use your Windows desktok while at your office and go home and use a Mac.  Later you go to a trade show and log in using in IPAD or Android Tablet.  Finally at the gym, you can pull out your smart phone and access the same data.  Any where , any device, your whole environment goes with you.

Step 1     Install a small Citrix Plug-in application on any internet connected device…Mac, PC, Tablet, Etc..

Step 2    Use a secure log in to access your remote desktop

Step 3    Use the full desktop versions of your company’s favorite applications from anywhere

Step 4    Have access to your company’s data in real time, anytime, all the time from almost any device

Step 5    Your data is stored on our servers in our secure data center where it is backed up using the highest industry standards

Step 6    You can have peace of mind knowing your data is secure, accessible to you at anytime  and that your application maintenance is taken care of

The Citrix receiver is available for the following types of devices.

Desktops Smart phones Tablets
Linux Android BlackBerry PlayBook
Mac BlackBerry ChromeOS
Windows iPhone iPad
Windows CE Windows Phone Windows 8/RT

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