Staying on Track - 8 Ways to get your Employees to Adopt and Use your CRM Properly

Brianna Loftin - Friday, April 15, 2016

Provide Effective Training - Hire someone to properly train your staff rather than making them learn as they go.  Make sure that the new users learn the basics, so they can start implementing necessary steps immediately. They will learn to use the bells and whistles as they gain experience. Look into training sessions over a period of time so that it works alongside their learning curve. If you push too much on them too soon, they will get overwhelmed and are less likely to adopt the new system.

Simplify Required Fields - Keep the necessary fields to be filled out as simple as possible. Your sales team is busy and they need to be able to get their information down as quickly as possible without getting frustrated. You should have no more than five main fields that need to be completed.  

Supply Knowledge Base - Make sure that you have access to simple how-to questions, so that customers don't feel a need to call someone and wait to get support. The less frustrating the transition is, the more assured that they will use the new CRM properly.

High Level Execs Included - Everyone needs to use the new system. Employees need to know that the adjustment to a new procedure is shared by everyone in the company. If they receive a message from their boss, they are more likely to perk up with interest so they can get on board with everyone else. 

Gamification - One of the best ways to keep everyone's attention focused on the new process is to make it rewarding by applying gamification. You can be as elaborate as you want, but most people enjoy a little competition and it engages their mind, so that they aren't just following a mundane procedure.

Central Information Hub - The CRM should be the central place for information, so they don't have to go to multiple places to find pertinent information.

Mobile Device Access - Users should be able to use their system on mobile devices with cloud access so that the process is as seamless as possible. If you need to go somewhere for an emergency, or just a break, you can bring your work with you. 

Integrate Programs - Your CRM should work across other applications like MS Outlook so that it integrates with other programs that they are already using and they can see the benefit of the new process.  

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